Devotion: Judge or Father?

Wednesday, March 4

Read Genesis 3:16-21/Psalm 39

The LORD has heard my plea. Psalm 6:9

Judge or Father?

Adam and Eve had a perfect life until one bite changed everything. The punishment for their sin meant their lives would be full of pain: pain in childbearing, struggle in work, and difficulty in meeting needs. Their perfect world came crashing down around them. Their sin was great, and their punishment both just and severe.

The last verse in today’s reading caught my attention in a new way. After pronouncing punishment, God stops to care for Adam and Eve by making them clothing. God did not just immediately kick them out of the Garden and abandon them to their fate. He took care of their most pressing need. What a beautiful act of tenderness and care. Our God is not simply a harsh judge. If this were true, His actions would stop after the punishment. Judges do not follow criminals into the prison to see that their needs are met. No, our God is a father. Because He loves us, He gives us the Law, but He does not stop there. He applies grace. He promises salvation through the work of Jesus, and He also cares for us, forgives us, teaches us, and nurtures our faith. We can rest in our Father’s love.

Upon your lips, then, lay your had,

And trust His guiding love;

Then like a rock your peace shall stand

Here and in heav’n above (LSB 737:7). Amen.


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