In Memoriam: Celebrities Lost 1843

Francis Scott Key

Noah Webster

Samuel Hahnemann

Charles Macintosh

William I of the Netherlands

Prince of Augustus I Frederick, Duke of Sussex

John Trumbull

Robert Southey

Friedrich Holderlin


Princess Louise Augusta of Denmark

Hirata Atsutane

Theodoros Koloketronis

Smith Thompson

Samuel Morey

Alexis Bouvard

Alexander John Forsyth

Marie-Madeleine Lachenois

Leopoldine Hugo

Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis

Charles Colville

Sylvestre Francois Lacroix

David Porter

John Armstrong, Jr.

Isaac Hull

John Claudius Loudon

Robert Adrain

Friedrich de la Motte Fouque

Joseph Nicollet

Richard Carlile

Jakob Friedrich Fries

Miguel Ricardo de Alava

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